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A world-weary taxi driver always has a story to tell about his passengers. But he soon finds the story isn't over just because they've got out of the cab.

Lying low in a roadside cafe, yet eager to get something off his chest, the taxi driver imparts an epic encounter with a young woman and her two small children as they travel cross country to buy a horse. As this odyssey unfolds and the woman's plight becomes known, the taxi driver is forced to decide what is more important; to get the job done or to act like a decent human being.

But, as he battles to tell his tale against the backdrop of an ever-ringing phone, it is apparent he has become far more involved in the lives of his passengers than he ever intended.

This one act, one person play was featured as part of Documental Theatre's 2020 #WhereTo? project. This excerpt was released to promote the show. 

Taxi Driver - Dan Gaisford

Written by Dan Gaisford


In a Somerset tavern in 1669, Meg is reunited with her brother, John; soon learning he is using the tavern as a hide out. Wanted by the local landowner for protesting the enclosure of the moorland on which his livelihood depends, John plans to utilise his sister's talents in spreading his proclamation of dissent against the landed class. But has Meg's time in London quelled her own renegade ways, and forced her to shun the cause to which John is irrevocably committed?

In a small high rise flat in the middle of a modern city, a man and woman are locked into an ever deepening struggle; with their employers, with their landlord, and with each other.

Unable to pay the rent, and seemingly with few options left, both think they know how best to deal with the situation in which they find themselves; providing, of course, they can get out of the building...

A project currently in development, Tomorrow the Fox is a play that explores the legacy of Enclosure; its impact on physical freedom, and its influence on the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.

Based on an idea between Leela Bunce and Dan Gaisford, the play has been developed with funding from Arts Council England, directed by Emma Callander and Shane Morgan.

Meg/Woman - Leela Bunce
John/Man - Dan Gaisford

Written by Dan Gaisford


A successful author has gone to ground.


Meanwhile, the publisher is losing patience; the final deadline immanent.


In a last ditch bid to salvage Emma's reputation (and his career), editor Greg tracks down author, Emma, to a remote writing spot. A far cry from London.

Following attempts to steer the errant and increasingly unpredictable writer back on track, it becomes clear that Emma is more interested in exploring her new found artistic and personal freedoms. Both wish to reignite their former relationship; but what this means for each is not so easily understood.

Emma - Sarah-Jane Worrall

Greg - Dan Gaisford

Written by Dan Gaisford

Directed by Will Thorp



Paying homage to local radio and the rural communities it serves, Radio Zummerzet presents a wry, comedic picture of the country in lockdown. Devised and co-written by the cast, it features eclectic radio personalities and abstract news stories; reflecting local voices and rural responses to the 2020 Covid-19 crisis.

Radio Zummerzet (episode 2)Wassail Theatre
00:00 / 05:37

In episode two, a radio phone-in starts to unravel when carpet fitter Chris lets rip on the subject of 'annoying habits'.

Produced by Wassail Theatre as part of its Somerset Emergency Theatre initiative.

Sam - Jack Kelly

Sarah - Lizzie Stables

Chris - Dan Gaisford

Written by Dan Gaisford

Directed by Jesse Briton

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