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Training: Guildford School of Acting

(MA Acting Prize winner)

Spotlight PIN: 6010-9057-0473

Membership: Equity

Height: 5'10'' (177cm)     Eyes: Blue     Hair: Blond     Nationality: British    

Location: Somerset/London, UK



Accents & Dialects (*=native): RP, English-Standard, Cockney, Essex*, Geordie, West Country, Northern Working Class, Irish-Southern, General American, American-New York, American-Southern


Music & Dance (*=highly skilled): Drums*, Percussion, Guitar, Baritone, Laban


APC Actor Combatant: Advanced (18th Century Small Sword, Rope and Knife, Unarmed), Intermediate (Broadsword, Staff), Basic (Knife)


Other skills: Teacher (qualified/QTS), Full clean driving licence 


2023-4, Bill Sikes/Judge Fang, OLIVER TWIST, Tobacco Factory Theatres, Dir. Heidi Vaughan

2022, Bob Cratchet/Jacob Marley, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Red Rope Theatre, Dir. Danann McAleer

2022, John/Laurence/Charr/Edward/Chris, ALARMS AND EXCURSIONS: MORE PLAYS THAN ONE, Greenwich Theatre, Dir. James Haddrell

2021-2, Ensemble (Actor 2), UNKNOWN: A PLAY ABOUT HOMELESSNESS, Roughhouse Theatre (UK tour 2021-2), Dir. Shane Morgan/Moira Hunt

2021, Pete/Mick, BAD NIGHTS AND ODD DAYS (FOUR SHORT PLAYS BY CARYL CHURCHILL), Greenwich Theatre, Dir. James Haddrell

2019, Utterson, DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE, Red Rope Theatre, Dir. Rebecca Robson

2019, Felice, THE TWO CHARACTER PLAY, Red Rope Theatre, Dir. Shane Morgan

2018, u/s The Man, THE HEIGHT OF THE STORM, Wyndham's Theatre (West End and UK tour 2018), Dir. Jonathan Kent

2017, J R R Tolkien, THE FELLOWSHIP, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Dir. Bryan Hodgson

2016-7, Colin Milburn, WHEN THE EYE HAS GONE, Roughhouse Theatre (UK tour 2016-7), Dir. Shane Morgan

2016, Kenneth, CLYBOURNE PARK, Mercury Theatre Colchester (UK tour 2016), Dir. Daniel Buckroyd

2015, L. Frank Baum, DOROTHY, Waterloo East Theatre, Dir. Bryan Hodgson

2015, Dr Frank Reeves, A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH, Electric Theatre Guildford, Dir. Katarzyna Deszcz

2014, Dan, THE GIFT, Rondo Theatre, Dir. Jazz Hazelwood

2014, John, FLAT PACKED, Brass Works Theatre, Dir. Adrian Harris

2013-4, Alan Breck Stewart, KIDNAPPED, Brass Works Theatre, Dir. Adrian Harris

2013, Henry Walker, HENRY WALKER AND THE WHEEL OF DEATH, Roughhouse Theatre, Dir. Shane Morgan

2013, Oliver/Silvius/Jaques, AS YOU LIKE IT, Ripped Script (UK tour 2013), Dir. Laura Jasper


2023, DC Clapton, PIKE (ep. 2), Flat-Twelve Productions, Dir. Alex Klaus

2023, Gordon, I HATE JACK (short), Dir. Theo Watkins

2023, Mr Flannery, ESSEX GIRLS (short), Monogram, Dir. Yero Timi-Biu

2022, Encro Seller, DARK PHONE, The Garden/Channel 4, Dir. Luned Tonderai

2022, Joe, HEADLIGHTS (short), Ratchet, Dir. Nick Usher

2020, Barry Jewel, MEET THE MODEL (TV pilot), Dark Matter Studios, Dir. Henk Pretorius

2020, The Man, COUNCIL HOUSE AND VIOLENT (short), Don't Make Films, Dir. Ross Graham

2019, Photographer, SMALL TOWN POLITICS (ep. 1, 3), Six Toe Cat/Sky Arts, Dir. Gulliver Moore

2017, Garage Manager, EASTENDERS, BBC, Dir. Thomas Hescott

2017, Detective Rob Bub, BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT: THE MURDERED BRIDE, CNN/Nutopia, Dir. Crispin Reece

2016, Reporter, LUCKY CHICKEN (short), Sheriff's Office Films, Dir. Gulliver Moore

2015, James Shepherd, REPRESSION (short), Oculum Films, Dir. Peter Roe

2015, Robbie, ROOM TO LET (short), GSA Conservatoire, Dir. Adrian Osman

2014, Kilburn, MAROONED (short), Video Feed Productions/Bad Crow Ltd, Dir. Adam Whitehouse

2014, Morgan, DRAGON (short), Dir. Gulliver Moore

2014, John, BERET (short), Ink Pictures, Dir. Stephen James Dunn

2013, Oliver Ball, POT PLANT (short), Dir. Gulliver Moore

2013, Mime Priest, WALKING AGAINST THE WIND (short), Dir. Gulliver Moore

2013, Police Officer, THE QUIET (short), I'm With Them Productions, Dir. Lee Matthews

2013, Peter Howell, STOCK CODE (short), T 1 Media, Dir. Rupert Hadlow

2012, Aldous, SCARECROW IN PURGATORY (short), Dir. Oliver Clubb

2012, Jack, AMY (short), Oxford Brookes Film Productions, Dir. Luke Osbond

2012, SS-Untersturmführer, BARN (short), Pixelloft, Dir. Nick Bartleet


2023, Owen, THE GAPS THEY LEAVE (research and development), OffPiste Theatre, Dir. Archie Rowell/Sean Hollands

2021, Bruce Wingfield, THE AFTER-DINNER JOKE (theatre online), Greenwich Theatre, Dir. James Haddrell

2020, Faustus, THE LIFESTREAM (rehearsed reading), Greenwich Theatre, Dir. James Haddrell

2020, Ensemble (Actor 2), UNKNOWN: A PLAY ABOUT HOMELESSNESS (radio), Roughhouse Theatre, Dir. Shane Morgan

2020, Chris, RADIO ZUMMERZET (ep. 2, radio), Wassail Theatre, Dir. Jesse Briton

2019, Brian, NHS & BT SPORT 'GIVE BLOOD' CAMPAIGN (commercial), BT Sport, Dir. Nick Latimer

2019, Various, GREENWICH BOOK FESTIVAL (rehearsed reading), Greenwich Theatre, Dir. James Haddrell

2019, Dad, BEAR WOOD EXHIBIT FILM (interactive video), Skylark Media, Dir. James Sampson

2018, Doug, LEARNING TO SWIM (rehearsed reading), Criterion Theatre (West End), Dir. James Haddrell

2018, Various, GREENWICH BOOK FESTIVAL (rehearsed reading), Greenwich Theatre, Dir. James Haddrell

2018, Doug, LEARNING TO SWIM (rehearsed reading), Greenwich Theatre, Dir. James Haddrell

2017, Ensemble, I STILL LOVE HER (research and development), Roughhouse Theatre, Dir. Shane Morgan

2014, Doctor, KEW BRIDGE STEAM MUSEUM TIMELINE VIDEO (interactive video), Spiral Productions, Dir. Gareth Read

2014, Ensemble, WOYZECK (research and development), Ripped Script, Dir. Jon Nash

2013, Percussionist/Performer, TIMEPIECE (research and development), And Then We Danced, Dir. Chris Harper

2013, Kieran, MEAT (research and developement), Tobacco Factory Theatres, Dir. Caroline Hunt

2012, Vet, MERIAL - SHARE THE JOY (commercial), Balloon Dog, Dir. Greg Hackett

2012, Dad, MEDIKS - BY A THREAD (music video), Dir. Gulliver Moore

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