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A world-weary taxi driver always has a story to tell about his passengers. But he soon finds the story isn't over just because they've got out of the cab.

Lying low in a roadside cafe, yet eager to get something off his chest, the taxi driver imparts an epic encounter with a young woman and her two small children as they travel cross country to buy a horse. As this odyssey unfolds and the woman's plight becomes known, the taxi driver is forced to decide what is more important; to get the job done or to act like a decent human being.


But, as he battles to tell his tale against the backdrop of an ever-ringing phone, it is apparent he has become far more involved in the lives of his passengers than he ever intended.


This one act, one person play was featured in Documental Theatre's 2020 #WhereTo? project, and was performed in part at the 2023 'The Script's The Thing' event at Dorchester Arts. This trailer was released to promote the show. 


Taxi Driver - Dan Gaisford


Written by Dan Gaisford

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