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In a Somerset tavern in 1669, Meg is reunited with her brother, John; soon learning he is using the tavern as a hide out. Wanted by the local landowner for protesting the enclosure of the moorland on which his livelihood depends, John plans to utilise his sister's talents in spreading his proclamation of dissent against the landed class. But has Meg's time in London quelled her own renegade ways, and forced her to shun the cause to which John is irrevocably committed?


In a small high rise flat in the middle of a modern city, a man and woman are locked into an ever deepening struggle; with their employers, with their landlord, and with each other.


Unable to pay the rent, and seemingly with few options left, both think they know how best to deal with the situation in which they find themselves; providing, of course, they can get out of the building...


A project currently in development, Tomorrow the Fox is a play that explores the legacy of Enclosure; its impact on physical freedom, and its influence on the way we think about ourselves and the world around us.


Based on an idea between Leela Bunce and Dan Gaisford, the play has been developed with funding from Arts Council England, directed by Emma Callander and Shane Morgan.


Meg/Woman - Rebecca Robson

John/Man - Dan Gaisford


Written by Dan Gaisford

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